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Ps 3602-ez 2024 Form: What You Should Know

Note the postmark location at top of PS 3602-EZ form, which will be the Postal Service address location you want. Write the postmark location in the yellow area, at top of PS 3602-EZ form  postmark: Postmark location: Note the date and time of postage: Write the date and time of postage: Note the date and time of stamp: Write the date and time of postage: Print to PDF and cut to fit. Mailer and Mailing sections on page 2 Postage statement: Mailer and Mailing sections on page 3. This form includes a separate table for: the Postal Rate Schedule (PRS), the U.S. Postal Service Customer Services Catalogs, and a section called Marketing Mail, with  for Mailer (which is not listed on PS 3602), for Mailing (which is not listed on PS 3602), and for Marketing Mail for non-profit purposes. Postage information for Marketing Mail is provided in  PS Form 3602-R1, July 2019. PS 3602-R1 includes: Information about postage rates, for mailers and sellers, in PS 3602, and the cost of promotional or private mail (which are not required to be included as part of PS 3602-EZ form). Information about the Postal Service's Marketing Mail program, PS 6027-J-000-002, which includes: the dates when Marketing Mail is available, the types of mail that may be received, the cost (in stamps) of the mailing, and the rules and regulations concerning Marketing Mail. PS 3602-R1 is also offered free of charge for mailings to mailboxes by mailing the PS 3602-R1 form directly to your postal box at no cost, along with the “Form 360-R1” at page 3. PS 3602-EZ form is required for Mailer who is not going to use PS 3602-R1, or for Mailers requesting information about how to use PS 3602-R1 and how to avoid shipping more than 10 pieces of mail. PS 3602-R1 and PS 3602-EZ are delivered online, by mail, or at the Post Office, through your postal service's automated collection system. They both have online versions available for download.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ps Form 3602-ez 2024

Instructions and Help about Ps Form 3602-ez 2024

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