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How to complete any PS 3602-R Form online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ps form 3602-nz fillable

Instructions and Help about Ps form 3602-nz fillable

Hello good morning Lisa Scola here and I have decided that I was going to make a quick video on how we do our bulk mail and I'm getting ready to get that together now so that we can take it down to the mailbox to the mailbox for the post office and there's been a lot of questions about it so I figured I would just show you like quickly how it is if you wanted to have a bulk mailing permit not everybody can use a bulk mailing permit because maybe they're not mailing enough pieces you need to understand that bulk mail goes by weight especially when you're doing a brochure so with us I'm in Youngstown Ohio it may vary from place to place so you always check with your local post office the main post office branch they will tell you what the fee is to have one if it's um because there's a yearly fee and then you pay what a bulk mail rate would be like and then you figure out that you have to do all the work so they're gonna show you how to package it they're gonna show you how to put it together and then do the paperwork and then you'll take it down but as you can see like let me show you here right here see right now I have all of our bulk mail put together you see how those little envelopes everywhere yep see them all yep those are all of our mailing now I do my mailing with my team team members that are in the area that are that one a mail as well so I have probably and I haven't counted yet but I'm sure there's probably over 300 pieces here as you can see this is an envelope this is the envelope I have a bulk mailing stamp that when they come out very well change a service requested and our return address and then their label everything is the same it's all weighted so inside of that envelope is one brochure and it has to have a label on it or it can be stamped now if you use a stamp you have to at that point have and I'll show one for you an extra label on it a lot of them put it on on their books on the inside so I don't know if I'll actually be able to find one or not right off the get-go but no probably not anyways we use the same label everything has to be identical the most important part about the bulk mail is that each piece is the same so if we're gonna do a coupon for our customers at one point that's like take you know having a special or whatever then I get ahold of everybody who participates in this mailing and we all have to do the same thing most of the time we do.

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